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[ Learn How To Tattoo ]

Hello and welcome to our tattoo school 


My name is Viktor Dimitrov and if you trust me I will be your mentor for two weeks. I will not waste your time and money with the history of tattooing , traditions , old school and new school etc. - all of this you may already know or this can easily be found online.  

My goal is to make you a tattoo artist, but for you to become a great one, that depends on you. 

For this to be achieved  I will do all I can to make you understand the whole process - from discussing customers ideas through drawing the design to creating a tattoo on a customer’s skin ..

You will have the opportunity to understand the difference between the needle types, styles, sizes, sharpening ; to work with different types of machines- from coil to newest rotary machine and be able to see the difference.

I prefer to work with small groups (5 to 10 people maximum) as this will allow me to pay maximum attention to each individual.

Learning how to contour, shade and how to pack colours will be explained to you.

The whole process needs to be understood, realised and practiced many times by you. Your results depends on your perseverance and diligence. 

I will pay special attention to the level you are on and your skills however you are all in different stages of understanding the process, and so that’s how you will be trained. 

Everyone will be given a tasks for their skills and preferences of working style - there will be no need to know details of realism, if you will work in dot work /line work style. I will give you the base of the tattoo technique and each of you will be emphasised, depending on their personal interests. 

I will do my best to teach you the solid foundation of all the necessary knowledge and skills with which you can begin to build up your tattoo career.


"Vik took me on as an apprentice in January 2019. I had worked a front desk for a few months and been tattooed several times but now Vik was going to teach not only how to become a tattooer, but also a better artist, and how to work clean, safe and respectfully. Vik taught me how to manage customers, my work flow, my tattoo technique, without forcing any styles on me. Being able to watch a veteran tattooer work fast and to a high standard was inspirational. I now work around the UK still remembering all the vital information Vik has taught me. From the very fundamentals to the advanced shading and experiments Vik taught me I still use and will always use."

Alex @RufioTattoo

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"I searched long and far for a tattoo shop where I can practice. Upon first stepping into Know How Tattoo I could instantly sense this wasn’t some regular tattoo shop but that the atmosphere maintained here was much more jolly and uplifting. I found Know How to be a positive learning environment with knowledgeable instruction. Viktor is extremely professional and also very relaxed and friendly. Thanks to his guidance, experience and attitude now I am fully accomplished tattoo artist with own tattoo shop. I run my own bussiness for 3 years now. The positive energy and environment at Know How was nothing short of amazing! If I had to do it again, I would still choose Viktor and Know How tattoo shop! Thank you mate!"

Evo @OrendaTattoo

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